Today on Notified we go through an article posted by Head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus. He posted the 6 Trends To Watch On Facebook Messenger in 2018. Some exciting changes will be coming so keep an eye on your messenger app.

Is Snapchat dying? In the last week over two dozen Snapchat employees have been let go, the majority of these being from the creative department after the terrible backlash from the apps design changes. Is this the beginning of the end for the 6 year old app?

YouTube has released a statement that they are removing the ability for YouTube channels to monetize their content if they have less than 1,000 subscribers & under 4,000 HOURS of watch time on their channel within the last 12 months!

Google have also doubled down on the manual checking of all content that goes up in the ‘Trending’ section of YouTube. This comes after superstar YouTuber, Logan Paul, released a highly controversial video of a suicide victim in a recent video which YouTube failed to have removed before more than 600,000 people had watched the video.

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