In this video I share with you a very personal story of Perseverance and how it DRAMATICALLY altered my life’s path.

What is it in your life that you KNOW you could give a little more time, effort and energy to?

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Hi, it’s Brett here. I want to thank you for joining me today, and I can’t wait to talk about this topic. Why? Because it funnily enough, it actually applies, and it’s something that I’ve just done right now, which is rather interesting. It’s a topic of perseverance, and why is this happening right now, is that there’s video camera that, you know, I’m talking to you right now, and this is a third take for this video.

You wouldn’t believe it, but, you know, I went through the entire concept, and as you know, well if you know anything about the show is I don’t have notes, I don’t have scripts, so anything that I follow. This is just me speaking to the camera, and speaking about what I believe and what I know about these particular topics, and today I wanted to talk about perseverance. Talked about the entire concept, about 10 minutes worth of video, and I go to check the video and I found out that the video stopped because there’s too much memory used on the camera, so I was like, “Ugh!”

So, I persevered, I pressed play again, and again, you’ll see I use two cameras here. It isn’t just one camera, and what happened, you wouldn’t believe it, what happened was the other camera, and you thought I would have learnt this from the first lesson, the other camera, so my side camera here did the exact same thing. So, now I’ve deleted footage off it and I should be ready to go, so hopefully third time lucky, but I want to talk about the topic of perseverance and how I believe perseverance is a catalyst for me and my success that I’ve been able to have to date in my life.

Now, I’m sure you could relate to this in some way, shape, or form where there’s something that you wanted in life, whether it’s on a small scale, like doing this video, or whether it’s on a large scale. You’re going to be able to relate to where you had to dig in, where you had to just persevere and push through when all odds were against you. When all odds are against you and everything just seem like, “You know what, I’m just going to give this up,” but you knew, you knew inside that there was a part of you that was like, “I must do this.”

Hence why I’m third time lucky filming this right now, so I wanted to share with you a story of where I believe one of my most impactful moments where I stuck at it, I persevered, and it was when I was twenty … oh no, I was nineteen years old at the time, nineteen years old and I was in the cabinet making job, I was an apprentice cabinet maker, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do about life. I knew I wanted to do something, I knew I wanted to aspire and I wanted to help people, and you know, I wanted to have a big impact on this world but I didn’t know what it was.
So, at the time I was trying to make due and do the best I could with what I had available, and my boss at the time, actually he was the past boss. He had just sold the factory that I was working for, and I was seeing him one day just flew in on his helicopter, like a little helicopter, a two-men helicopter, he flew in on his helicopter and I was like, “Oh wow! How do I get a helicopter?” You know, that was the biggest thing in my town, right? He used to go have the helicopter flew in from his farm, you know, popped his head around the business just to see how everything was going, and, you know, just wanted to see if … feel a little important again.

But I looked at that and I was like, “I would love a helicopter. I’d love to be able to fly in and out,” and you know, I thought, “Well, how does he have this helicopter? Why does he have this helicopter?” And I dug a little bit deeper and found out that he owned multiple properties, so he was in the real estate game. He pretty much owned dozens of properties in the hometown that I was living in, and I thought, “How can I do that?” So, what would happen is, everyday, every time this guy, his name was Les, every time Les would come into the factory, I would go up to him and say, “Les, do you have any sections or any houses for sale?”

And he’s like, “No, I don’t,” and he’d carry on walking. I was like, “Okay.” The funny thing was though, all right, I was not prepared at the time. I was just shooting from the hip going, “Have you got any sections?” If he ever said yes I would have gone, “Well, I don’t even have any money right now. What am I supposed to do?” So, I asked Les, he’d come in again and I say, “Les, have you got any sections, any houses?” He would always go, “No, same thing I told you last time. I don’t have any.” I was like, “Okay.”

Les would come in, and it almost started to become a running joke in every time I seen Les. It was literally it was over a dozen times I did this. Les would come into the factory, “Hey, Les, have you got any sections? Any houses for sale?” He goes, “Look, stop bloody asking me, but what I can tell you is that there is someone up in …” the name of the street was Arohanui Street, which in Maori culture language means Love Street, so it must have been a sign, and he said, “I’m selling a section up there, but there’s one next to it where a gentleman is wanting to sell it as well,” and I was look, “Cool. Okay, well who owns it? Do you know who owns it? Do you who owns it?”

And he goes, “Yes, I do. It’s a guy named Vick,” and this particular guy Vick, he was one of my high school teachers. Funnily enough, he was one of the high school teachers that I believed had a pretty big part in me being removed from high school. Now, not because we had bid bad blood and you know, I was a bad student once again, we were probably too similar, and I think I rubbed him the wrong way, but back to the story. I had asked Les over a dozen times, any normal person highly likely would say, “Well, look, that’s enough. Why do you keep asking? Why do you keep persevering?”

I just felt like there was something going to come from this, and then all of a sudden he comes to me with an answer and says, “Yes, there’s an opportunity here.” I was faced with the high school teacher that had a very large part in me being removed from high school. I was like, “Okay,” so I didn’t really want to go to his house, and then I said to Les, “Well, what do you think it’s worth? How much money am I going to need?” You know, I didn’t know anything about that. I was still young and still very naïve to the whole process, but the thing was that over the twelve times that I talked to Les and asked Les, “Do you have any sections available,” I started to put some things into place.

I went to the bank and I said, “Look, this is how much money I have. I have twenty seven hundred dollars saved up.” I was on an apprenticeship wage, I had two, three hundred dollars a week, and which is not much, right? But I had this money saved up and I went to the bank and said, “Look, how much money can you loan if I was to buy a section or a house?” And they ended up loaning me around twenty … they said to me, “You are allowed to loan up to twenty seven thousand dollars.” I was like, “Okay, cool, so I’ve got something to work with. So, I had twenty seven thousand dollars plus my own twenty seven hundred dollars that I had, so I was close to thirty thousand dollars, and I said to Les, “Well, how much is the section?”

He goes, “Well, I think it’s got listed for fifty five thousand dollars,” so it was fifty five thousand dollars. I was like, “I’m twenty five thousand dollars short.” Again, that’s another time where I could have easily hang up my boots and said, “Well, I’m nowhere near that type of finances, so why would I continue with this?” But again I felt this. I felt there was something going to come out of this. I ended up hopping into my car, drive over to Vick’s house, my ex high school teacher, now possibly going to sell me his section.

I knocked on his door, I said, “Hi Mr Hannam. I’m just wondering if you are interested in selling your section. I know you’ve got a section up in Arohanui Street. Les Wykes told me that and he suggested I come over and ask you.” He goes, “Oh.” He goes, “Is that right?” And Vick was the type of teacher who, he always liked to talk. He liked to tell a story, and he goes, “Come inside, young man,” and I went inside to his house. Literally we were there for at least thirty five minutes, thirty five minutes before we even got to engage into any dialogue about the section.

He told me stories about his life and all of that, and I was sitting there. I was sitting there patiently, and he goes, “Okay, young man, how much do you want to pay me? How much are you going to pay me for this?” I said, “Well, how about I give you twenty five thousand dollars?” Look, I wanted to have some extra money in case. Yeah, I didn’t want to lose, not lose, I didn’t want to give out all the money that I had. And he goes, Look, don’t be silly. You know, I paid thirty five thousand dollars for it many years ago, and you know, I’ve had to pay money in rates and so forth.”

So he goes, “It owes me fifty thousand dollars.” I said, “The problem is I don’t have fifty five thousand dollars.” He goes, “Well, how much have you got?” And I said, “I got twenty five thousand dollars,” and he goes, “Well, I’m not going to sell it for that.” So, I was sitting in his house, I was like, “I just sat here for an hour listening to him talk, engaging into some dialogue,” and then I said to him, I said, “Look, this is really important for me. I would really love to be able to get this, so what’s the lowest price that you will go to?”

Long story short, we … you know, backwards and forwards, and he came down to thirty five thousand dollars. I was like … well, in my head I was already sold but the reality of the situation was I didn’t have that much money. You know, I was like five thousand dollars short that I’ve already verbally and hand-shook his hand to say, “Yeah cool, I’ll go through with it.” So, then I had an opportunity arise, so it was almost within my grasp. It was almost within my grasp, but I was short. I came up short, so what did I do? Well, I went to my parents and I asked them.

I hated borrowing money off my parents. I hated borrowing money off my parents because I knew that, you know, money didn’t come easy and we didn’t have many trees at the back of our house, and I managed to getting an extra thousand dollars from my parents to go towards it and I also ended up asking. I went to my boss and I said, “Is there any way I can get like an advance on my pay? This is what I’ve done,” and Les knew all about it and Les had a word to my bosses, and it ended up coming through. All right, it ended up coming through.

I had thirty five thousand dollars, and I believe I actually went back to the bank because it was still a little bit short. I was still like a thousand dollars short. Yeah, you could say here, right, this is perseverance at its greatest. Nothing, you know, it didn’t line up for me and go seamlessly. I had to fight and push for every single part of this, but I can share with you this, right? I was now a land owner, right? I was nineteen years old and I had this big chunk of land that was covered with bush and grass bushes and you name it.

It was just a large piece of land. It just looked like a forest, to be honest, and I sat on it and I was like, “Cool, I’ve got absolutely no more money. ” for the following weeks I was literally every cent I had, it went back out, and I had a piece of land. And funny enough, something happened, something happened, and it would have been possibly six weeks later … sorry, six months later, I got this letter in my mail. I was like, “Who, what’s this?”

And I’d heard about all these building dooms, and there as a real big boom in property at that time, and the section that I had that I had purchased for thirty five thousand dollars was now valued at sixty eight thousand dollars. Sixty eight thousand dollars, I was like, “Wow!” You know, a nineteen year old boy. I was like, “Wow! I can’t believe it. You know, I had just made thirty thousand dollars. Well, this is crazy, and that thirty thousand dollars is where I was able to build my first property. At the age of twenty I had my first property.

Now, I shared this story with you only because the message behind it, the message of perseverance. Now, what is it in your life? What opportunities have you missed out where you just had not persevered, where you’re now looking back you go, If I had put a bit more effort here, if I had asked a few more questions, if I had to poke the bear just a little bit more I may have got, what it is that you wanted to achieve. So, what will you do with that? I want to leave you with the thought of what is it right now in your life that you know if you just put a little bit more perseverance, a little bit more effort, a little bit more time into it you’ll end up reaping what you sow. Okay, so think about that. Until next time, I’m Brett Campbell. I want you to go out there and live with intention, love with passion, and never give up on your dreams.

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