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On this week’s episode:

✅ An sneak peek into how we create strategy with our clients

✅ Why you MUST connect on an emotional level to make sales

✅ How to beat competitors with bigger budgets for advertising

Welcome to All Or Nothing, our vlog that documents the journey of Campbell Media Group as we push to become Australasia’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency.

A big part of creating a digital strategy that works is being able to connect with your target audience on a much deeper, emotional level.

This is something we spend a lot of time on before we ever launch a strategy for a client. We MUST understand the target audience better than they know themselves in order to create effective ad campaigns.

In today’s episode you will see a preview of Damian Willis, Director of Digital Strategy at Campbell Media Group, as he illustrates the importance of connecting emotionally.

Another milestone this week was hitting over 500 leads for a client.
This is huge consider the high price range of the products they are selling.

Our Founder, Brett Campbell, also shares the secret behind scaling campaigns and scaling your business quickly.

Thank you for watching & enjoy the video 🙂

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Who Is Campbell Media Group?

Campbell Media Group are social media marketing specialists. Our experience shows us that we deliver industry leading, best in class results for our clients. A cornerstone of our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes is our commitment to, and heavy investment in technology, data analytics, advanced learning and AI.

We work closely with each and every client to craft and create bespoke digital performance strategies that work for their business and its individual needs. We’re business minded, highly ROI focused and are dedicated to ensuring our proprietary strategies deliver for our clients.

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