Today we are going to talk about why you should start thinking bigger than you currently are. And why thinking big is what this world needs?

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Hello! It’s Brett Campbell here and today we are going to talk about why YOU should start thinking bigger than you currently are, and why thinking big is what this world needs; the world needs people who think big. We don’t need people who are small minded, people who see things as a problem verses are seeing it as a solution. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t think small when he was thinking about Facebook. Instead he was thinking about how he can serve the world.

Now, to a lot of people who may be listening here, you could be hearing this and saying to yourself, Brett it’s ok to say ‘think big’, but how am I ever going to reach a hundred million people, how am I ever going to help xyz? How am I ever going to have a million dollars sitting in my bank account? I can tell you this; I can tell you the exact answer to that question: you never will. You never will as long as you are still thinking small, you need to think big and I share this, because when I first started in business, I had a small mind. A small mind in the sense that I still wanted to achieve a lot, but what I wanted to achieve back then is totally, totally in a different realm of what I want to achieve now.

My mission in life is to impart knowledge onto a hundred million people. I want to help a hundred million people discover, design, develop and deliver their expertise, their passion, their mission so that they can get it out to the world. So you can take what’s inside you, that you know to be true you know to be powerful, your message that you know if someone else heard this, it would have an impact on their life. And I know you do; I know you wouldn’t be watching this video right now if you did not have a message or something to share.

May be you are an amazing chef, may be you are an amazing crochet artist, may be you are really good at writing or painting or maybe you are a really good car driver, whatever it is – you have a place in this world. But I need you to think big. I don’t want you to think local go cart track I want you to think local V8 super car track, I want you to start thinking bigger than you currently are. Unless you are aiming for the Moon, you are never going to hit the stars. Everyone has a ceiling, especially when it comes to money. Everyone has that money ceiling that if you say it to them, what’s the maximum you could think you can ever make in a year. Most people would struggle to even go over a hundred thousand dollars because it sounds like such a crazy number because the average amount of people aren’t even earning anywhere near that. It’s because they are not thinking big. When you are not thinking big, you are certainly not going to act; you are not going to deliver big results. So if you want more in life you need to start thinking bigger than you currently are.

I want you to think about one area; I want you to take one area right now, that you would like to multiply ten times. Imagine having ten times more of this particular thing, if it’s a relationship imagine multiplying that by ten times that emphasis of love and joy that you get from that. Ten times that, now that’s what we talk about the power of thinking bigger, don’t think in one’s and two’s, because you’ll probably only get half or one. So if you aim for ten then you get seven are you are ok with that? Yes, of course, you are. You are seven times better off than you were before, but without setting your targets higher then you believe right now, without pushing yourself, without giving yourself that level of accountability that you need to push yourself you need to go after that, you need to be hungry, because at the end of the day only you know what it is you want to achieve.

I guarantee, you have a dream right now, you have something within you that you know if you were get this out to the world it would have an impact. May be it doesn’t need to be the world may be it can be the local community to start with. I understand that it can be hard at times to take that first step. I can hear you say ‘Brett I haven’t got one client now and how I am going to get thousand or million’? How I am going to help a million people. I bet when U2, The Beatles and any successful music artist started they didn’t think they were going to have the impact that they had. But I bet you they dreamt big, they see themselves on the stage with 30,000 people.

I dream big I see myself on a stage speaking, sharing my message with thousands of thousands of people, I see that. Is it happening right now? Not at this particular moment but I know I have the belief, I have the desire and I have the work ethics that I know I need to have to get there. But if I was only dreaming about speaking to 5000 people on a local stadium or a local area then I may drop short of that and if I drop short of that, that’s nowhere near that 20 -30 thousand stadium that I have envisioned in my mind.

And again I want you to start thinking about one area in your life what is it that you want to make bigger? What do you want 10 times? And if you had the power to wave the magic wand, then “bang” and you got 10 times this.

If its money and you want 10x more money than you currently have then you need to ask yourself ‘What can I do that’s going to produce 10 times more results?’

When you knock on the door of success don’t be afraid when you open it, because work is going to be there for you and you are going to have to work hard. You won’t be making a million dollars overnight. If anyone tells you then it’s a load of codswallop.

We’ve done multiple 5/6 figure launches over three days, but it’s taken years to build up to that it’s not an overnight accomplishment. Overnight success can take 2 years or longer. There are people out there who have been trying time after time.

The music show The Voice is a prime example, some don’t get past the auditions and others get get voted off after the first round. They could decide to accept defeat and give up on their music career because they’re done, but there are those with the passion and belief in themselves who come back the following year, get on stage and blow the audience away and they’re through. But imagine if they weren’t thinking big, they weren’t thinking they had the ability, to take themselves and their dream to the next level, where would they be now?

So you have a decision to make, you can challenge yourself to start thinking bigger, because I guarantee you when you start thinking bigger, you will start making bigger decisions and those bigger decisions will have bigger results, and your life will never be the same again.

I really hope you enjoyed this message today.

I’m Brett Campbell and until next time I want you to go out there and live with intention, love with passion and NEVER give up on your dreams!


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