In today’s episode:

✅ A client celebrates $400,000 in revenue this month!

✅ The 1 change that resulted in 5 times more ‘Add to cart’ clicks

✅ Behind the scenes of our first CMG content shoot

Everyday at CMG comes with new challenges and new victories.

One of our clients this week celebrated their highest recorded month in revenue of $400,000, setting a new benchmark for both of our teams.

The team are gelling together more and more each week and with greater cohesion comes new ideas and stronger strategies never before seen at any digital marketing agency.

At CMG our process goes far beyond creating ads and posts for social media. Your customers perfect journey starts before and after they have engaged with an ad.

That’s why we always look at the entire journey for key areas that can be improved.

We found for one of our clients that their website could be improved, and upon implementing the suggested change, we saw a 5 times increase in ‘add to cart’ clicks within the first 24 hours!

An exceptional result for the team and our client.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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