So it is safe to say that this is not the most positive blog post title is it? HOWEVER I feel a duty of care in the fact I hope this will resonate with you and guide you into momentum during 2016.

Leave a comment below letting me know what number resonates with you the most.

For some time I struggled with #3. It is a TRAP! It is so easy to fall into this trap, most of the time we do not even know we are there.

#1: The lack of belief that they can be better than they currently are!

Lack of belief is the dream killer of millions. Regardless of where this bad programming has come from, it can be discovered and removed. Similar to a computer that gets a virus. But in this case we have the most powerful ANTI VIRUS protection of them all. YOU! Belief will appear when you can align and connect yourself with your highest values in life.

When you UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS, belief will become the rocket fuel that will keep you in momentum, it will no longer be a thing you need to search for.

#2: Don’t know where to start!

We have all been there before. When we were learning to walk and talk, it was hard right? Of course it was. It was hard because we had never done it before. It was new. We had no idea what to expect. We were just called from within to make it happen. When it comes to UNLEASHING YOUR GREATNESS the same rules apply. We are called from within to make it happen. And by understanding that the start will always be the hardest, and that you will always be learning, there is nothing that can stop you. And I am here to tell you that you have already started. This right here is the start. The next step is to keep reading.

#3: Life is already OK!

Complacency is where the majority of the population live. They are happy to work their butt off for 5 days to enjoy 1.5 day off. The other .5 of the day on Sunday is spent worrying that Monday is coming around to soon. They are happy that the job is paying the bills and that they get 3-4 weeks holiday a year. The second chunk of the population live in a place called. Ill do it one day. I think that place is even worse. These type of people actually have a greater opportunity to do something great with their life, but they just DONT!

And that is the place where I lived for a good 18 months. I had a business that was running on autopilot, I was playing golf twice during the week and was running off a blank calendar. MOST would say that is great, and what is the problem with that? This was the PROBLEM! That mindset was not allowing me to UNLEASH MY GREATNESS!

In fact it was the complete opposite. I have known for many years I was destined to do something great. But I allowed the FACT that everything was ok, and that I didn’t have to do certain things if I didn’t want to, UNTIL that defining moment. The moment I shared with you earlier. The passing of a dear friend of mine who was taken far to early.

It woke me up. It made me realise that even though I could live a comfortable life that was ok, it didn’t mean I SHOULD settle for that!

Let me say that again:

“Even tho I could live a comfortable life that was ok, it didn’t mean I SHOULD!”

I was called from within to create the UNLEASH MY GREATNESS process, and now I am calling you.

#4: Lack of SUPPORT!

This is a big one and I could right an entire book about it. But lets get right to it. Support is everywhere. We just need to know where to find it.

The reality at times is that because the support often doesn’t come from our immediate loved ones, it can be hard to even comprehend that there is any support available anywhere. Especially when all we want to do is make our loved ones proud of us, right?

Here is what I have learnt and I want to help you with this RIGHT NOW! The current support or lack there of that you are receiving from the people in your life, is simply based of their current understanding of support and how it all works.

Think about it. You are clearly a smart person, or else you would not be reading this. And if I was to ask you for help I am sure you would extend your hand. WHY?

Let me tell you why. Because you understand that support is paramount and needed in life. It is what helps us all move forward. It is what moves the needle in this world.

And what better place to gain support and to provide support to others than coming to an event where you are all going to UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS!

Support is everywhere, and you have just found it!

#5: Don’t take enough action!

All of the above reasons as to why people will never get to live the life they truly desire all come down to this one.

I would go as far to say that this is BY FAR the most important. Let me show you why:

Without TAKING ACTION you will never get to find the belief to prove that you are destined for something greater.

Without TAKING ACTION you will never find a starting point.

Without TAKING ACTION you will never break free of complacency and get to see what you are really capable of.

and finally…

Without TAKING ACTION you will never find the true protection and support network you want so badly, that is already right under your nose.

So as you can see without TAKING ACTION and that first step forward, you will never UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS.



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