There is no mystery as to why you have not yet achieved what you want in life. Unfortunately the only thing that is holding you back from greatness or the next level of it, is simply waiting on the other side of the fence.

So are you going to sit on the top of the fence or jump and build your wings on the way down?

In this training I reveal 3 thinking tools you can use immediately to start achieving more in life.

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Hey, it’s Brett here. Before we get into today’s episode, I just want to stop for a minute and sincerely thank you. I want to thank you for watching the videos, listening to the podcasts, commenting, sharing, liking, doing all of that cool stuff because it helps me get my mission in life to help and inspire others to firstly stop and realize this thing that we call life is such an amazing opportunity that we have and I want you and I want everyone to be able to make the most of this opportunity.

So I thank you so much and I’m truly blessed and I’m extremely excited about what’s to come. The podcast’s have debuted at number one in the iTunes charts which I’m extremely excited about which again is getting the message out there but the message wouldn’t be getting out there if it wasn’t for you so again thank you so much and I hope you continue watching. I hope you continue sharing, liking, subscribing to the YouTube channel, to the podcasts, wherever you’re hearing this message, okay. I just want to thank you, I want to thank you for being here.

Today I want to talk about why you’re currently not where you want to be. Now, this could be in business, it could be in your relationships, it could be in any particular area in your life. These concepts apply regardless. I want you to think about that. Is there a particular area in your life right now where you’re just not there yet and you’re just so … Like inside you, it’s just that sort of churning feeling and I’ll give you an example from me. I was stuck in a job, I was a cabinet maker by trade so I was in New Zealand at the time. I had finished high school and I went on to become a cabinet maker, a joiner and I thought, “Oh, is this what my life is? This is what I’m put on this planet to do.” And inside I was like, “No, this is not what you need to be doing Brett.” But then it took me four and a half, five years to really pull that trigger and go, “Well, what is it that you want to do?” I didn’t know. And that’s what was holding me back.

I didn’t know, I didn’t know what I wanted. But I took the first next logical step which was getting out of where I was to jump into something new which when you’re in something new, all the sudden new opportunities, new doors, new pathways start to open up and it allows you to start this journey and keep going on the journey because so many people get stagnant in their life. They don’t know why they haven’t achieved what they wanted to achieve but you need to look at, well hold on a minute, there’s a reason why you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve and I want to share with you three reasons that I believe have stopped you or halted you or currently put a slowing down process on where you want to be.

The first thing and I think it is one of the most important, how are you showing up? How are you showing up? Are you turning up to the golf course and all the sudden in the back of your cart, “Where’s my golf clubs?” How are you going to play golf without your golf clubs? I used golf because I’m an avid golfing fan. But I want you to be able to use that message and be able to go, “Okay, how are you showing up?”

Are you showing up to work feeling miserable, hating your job? How are you supposed to progress in your work life or in your career if you’re showing up with the wrong attitude, the wrong mindset, with the wrong tools. You don’t turn up to an ice skating rink with your thongs or your flip flops on, do you? No, you got to turn up with the right tools and the tools could be what information is it that you need to gather or what equipment do you need to bring into this to make it happen and something that I utilize in my business life is, let’s say for example I’ll talk to a business consultant client and they’re saying they want to earn ten-thousand dollars a week. Okay, cool great, that’s a great goal. Are you putting in a ten-thousand dollar effort? Are you showing up as a person that warrants being able to receive ten-thousand dollars?

Think about it if you having a health and fitness journey and you want to lose twenty kilos in five weeks, ten weeks, right? Are you showing up as that person with the tools with the mindset with the attitudes that you need to be able to achieve that goal? If you’re turning up to the gym and you’re, “I’ve been training twelve weeks and I haven’t achieved anything.” Are you putting in a twelve week effort? Right. The effort you put in is going to be determined, your results are going to be determined by the effort that you put in, it’s as simple as that.

Again of course there’s certain people out there who yeah there’s certain circumstances that are holding them back from that but the majority of the population are not putting in the effort required to achieve your desired outcome and that is why you’re not there yet. That is why you have not achieved your success wherever it is.
Maybe you don’t feel that your relationships aren’t going so well. Well are you putting in a relationship effort? Are you putting in the highest quality effort that you can to that? So many marriages fail because people just spread apart. Grab that person, bring them back in for a minute and reconnect. Find what it was that started that. Find what the sparks were and bring them back in and get them sparked again. It’s going to require a bit of effort at the start, it’s going to require effort at the start, everything requires effort at the start. But once you start and get the ball rolling, things will start to unfold and unravel themselves.

I will share, I wasn’t stuck in a job, I wasn’t stuck in a job. I didn’t allow myself to get out of the job. I had the opportunity every single day of the week to say, “Hey, this is enough. Enough is enough. I want to go and follow my passion. I want to follow my dreams.” But I was using the excuse that I didn’t know what it was. And that was holding me back but I know that that is holding so many of you back, it’s holding so many of you back. And my words to that is simply step out of that for a moment. Step out of it and take the next step along the journey. You don’t need to know what your end outcome is, no one knows what their end outcome is. The end outcome is the day that you die, that’s the end outcome. This whole thing of life is just a journey.

The second thing I want you to look at is self assessment. How often do you stop, take a look at yourself and I like to use the terminology stepping out, thirty-thousand foot view if you’re looking down at yourself going, “How am I acting?” We’re talking about how you’re showing up but how am I actually acting today? How do I think I went there and give yourself a rating, all right? Give yourself out of this. In the 10X Achievement Academy we talk about this concept about web of achievement. We talk about analyzing where you currently are and this is called the discovery phase and you need to understand before you can move forward you need to understand where you currently are because you may be missing some things. If your car is not rolling down the road properly, check if it’s got four tires first all. Check if the four tires are there, I know it’s silly.

How many times have you stressed out about something, maybe the TV is not working and you’re like, “Oh, this remote!” But then you walk over to the wall and you realize it’s not plugged in. I had a lady once when I was personal training and she gave me a call and she was running late to the gym and she started freaking out so you know what happens when you start freaking out, you’re getting late for something? You get more and more stressful, right? So I could hear it in her voice, she was getting more and more stressed going, “Ah, my car is not working. I don’t know what to do.” And I said, “Oh, look that’s fine. No problem. Let’s reschedule for tomorrow, ” and hung up. And she came in and I said, “How’s the car, what’s wrong?” And she goes, “It was in park, the car wouldn’t turn on.” Do you see? The car was in park and that stopped her from coming to the gym, from getting her release, from helping her out on her journey, moving forward on getting fit and healthier.

It stopped so many things. One, because the car was just in park. There was nothing wrong she just couldn’t stop, hop out of herself and self assess and go, “Wait on a minute, what’s actually happening here? What is the most logical thing that I should be looking at?” And the car was in park. And as you know if the car is in park you can’t turn the … The car, sorry, was in drive, my apologies. You’re probably going, “Brett, you don’t know nothing about cars.” The car was in drive so she couldn’t turn the car on, that’s why she couldn’t make it. But what I’m trying to share there is before you start stressing out and you make a situation worse than it needs to be, stop, self assess, look at it and go, “Is my car in drive? Has the car got four wheels?” I’m talking about yourself here. Are you in drive? Are you stuck? Is it you who is stuck or is it you that is stopping yourself from moving forward and guess what? The answer is yes, it is.

Because we can decide at any moment of the day to take the next step so self assess yourself and be hard on yourself. Don’t be easy going, “But I’ve got feelings.” No, be hard on yourself. If you’re being a jerk today, say, “Man, I couldn’t believe that I was a jerk. Now this is what I’m going to be doing moving forward and this is how I’m going to no longer do that.” Self assessment is how you progress. We’re not perfect, no one is perfect on this world. Without self assessment, how are you going to improve?

As a speaker, yeah I’m speaking to a camera here but I still send these videos to friends that I really care about and say, “Hey, look. I would love your opinion. Where could I go better? What can I improve on?” Take away the “ums”, “ahs”, stutters and using drive, park, whatever that scenario. These videos are filmed without a teleprompter, without a script. I’m just standing here talking to the camera. I’m coming from a place of passion.

But I do that because I want to get better, I want to get better at my craft so I self assess and then I also get other people to assess what I’m doing as well because feedback is one of the best things that you can be receiving on your journey in any single area. Ask your partner, okay. If you’re in a relationship, ask your partner. Say, “Look, right now can you please give me a rating one to ten on these areas. How much do you think I pay attention to you out of ten?” And that is where you’ll get the real results, my friend. That is where you’ll get the real results.

If you find that, “Oh, why did you give me a rating of three out of ten for giving you attention?” You know what you need to work on, you need a scale, well hold on a second. Let me have a look at this, let’s see what my truth is because it’s not always true. The feedback that someone gives you is not always the be all or end all, you’ve got to take it on and you’ve got to sift sort it but if you’re getting those type of marks it’s going to become front of mind and you can ask yourself, “Wait on a minute, I probably can show a bit more attention here to my partner.” And then you go ahead and do that.

And that’s the only way that you’re going to progress in any of the areas of your life. You need to self assess, get others to help you and then take the desired action in moving forward. And then the third thing that I want you to look at is stop making excuses. Stop making excuses that are stopping you from achieving the goals from achieving the life that you want to live.

Earlier I shared with you one of mine, I said I was stuck in a job for five years that I didn’t really enjoy and I just knew it wasn’t my passion, it wasn’t my purpose, it wasn’t what I wanted to do. But I used the excuse that I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Would you rather sit in a job that you hate or you do not like … I know for a fact, I’ve talked about it in previous videos, over 50% of people do not enjoy the job they’re currently in or the career they’re currently in. So I know half of you are hearing me with this. Would you rather be in a job that you hated, not knowing what you wanted to do? Or on a journey trying to figure out what is that you wanted to do?

On a journey, imagine the exciting things that you’re going to have. Imagine going on holiday to a country that you’ve never been to, it’s exciting right? Why? Because it’s unknown. It’s unknown, it’s all exciting. But why can’t you apply that to your life, your core life. I’m not suggesting quit your job tomorrow and then just hopefully something will pop up. I’m talking about having a strategic plan here but you need to ultimately stop making excuses. There’s no one else to blame. I know we like to do that. Hey, I’ve been here, it’s easy to point and go, “Oh, it’s because of that person. I didn’t do it because of that person. Oh it’s late because I’m waiting on something from that person.” We can all make these excuses and stop pointing fingers. But the person we need to start pointing fingers at is ourselves.

I’m Brett Campbell, I really hope you enjoyed today’s training. Until next time, I want you to go out there and live with intention, love with passion and never give up on your dreams.

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